Jemma Xu, CSO at RedBlock, invited to speak at Australian Blockchain Week

Jemma Xu, our CSO, was invited to speak at a panel with the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), this Tuesday, as a part of Australian Blockchain Week, on behalf of RedBlock.

The panel, entitled “Investing in [Blockchain] Innovation”, comprised speakers from the ASIC, Piper Alderman, the Dept. of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, Lygon 1B, and Monochrome Asset Management, and took a deep dive into discussion about regulatory developments in Australia and in other major jurisdictions as well as Chinese blockchain innovation (e.g. Blockchain Service Networks (BSN)).

Australia Blockchain Week, one of the biggest blockchain events in Australia, features speakers from blockchain companies throughout the space, and hosted conversation surrounding CBDCs, DeFi, cryptocurrency, as well educational events about the industry.

About RedBlock

With origins in Silicon Valley, RedBlock is a pioneer in the digital securities industry. Lead by a team that has a wealth of project operation experience and a proven track record, we are committed to providing one-stop digital issuance and advisory services and support for both issuers and investors.

Our core services are: Digital investment advisory, key assets management, digital assets issuance and management, and our research institution.





Managing and Empowering Digital Assets

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Managing and Empowering Digital Assets

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