Jeremy Zhou, RedBlock CEO, to speak at Yangtze River Culture & Arts Week

Our CEO, Jeremy Zhou, will be speaking at the Yangtze River Culture & Arts Week Event on May 2nd!

This Arts Week’s theme is “Art and the Sustainable Future”, featuring entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, artists, musicians, and industry professionals from all over the world who will engage in conversation around the subject.

Jeremy Zhou will be giving a keynote speech and will take part in the segment called “Art and the Future”, discussing the question of how art can create a future with common goals for all of us, and how we can work together to create an ecosystem to help art continue to flourish.

This is a state-sponsored event organized by the PR Department of the Chongqing Municipal Committee, Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee, the People’s Government of Jiulongpo District Chongqing, and the People’s Government of Dadukou District, Chongqing. The event is co-sponsoted by the Cultural and Creative Institute, Chuanmei Chuanggu, and Chongqing Jiulong Peninsula Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

Photo credit: Yangtze River Culture & Arts Week (WeChat Account)

About RedBlock

RedBlock is a digital investments firm that advises and invests in global blockchain projects. It invests strategic capital across the entire blockchain stack with a special focus on Web 3.0 infrastructure and decentralized finance. RedBlock works with its portfolio companies in new market entries, particularly into APAC, as well as tokenomics design and growth initiatives. RedBlock’s core team comes from a background in venture capital, investment banking and software development and are experienced market participants in the blockchain sector.




Managing and Empowering Digital Assets

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Managing and Empowering Digital Assets

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