More Massive Use Cases for Tokenization and Digital Assets

Newsletter #5: Week Ending August 9th

This week we have more exciting developments to report about the adoption of tokenization and digital assets, but first, we have another announcement about our research reports.

As you know, we have been publishing proprietary research reports along with our weekly newsletter. Thus far, we have been providing market research reports, and this week we are releasing our first report on digital securities which you can find on our site here! These reports will provide you with an in-depth look at different parts of the digital securities ecosystem. That means that they will cover everything from issuance platforms to regulation information, as well the myriad of benefits that digital securities bring.

Tokenization Isn’t So Science Fiction For this Sci-Fi Game

You may remember, if you’ve been following along with our newsletters, that we covered the vast potential of the gaming industry to be tokenized. Well, this week, there is another real-world example of this potential. Infinite Fleet, a forthcoming MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) strategy game, just raised $3.1 million via a private security token sale. What’s more, there will be a public STO (Security Token Offering) of the game’s INF token- which is also the game’s official in-game currency- taking place in September, “[allowing] the developer and users to be aligned on incentives, in contrast to traditional crowdfunding methods that see developers solicit donations from users without obligation”, according to the Infinite Fleet development team. This is quite a spot-on use case for how the gaming industry can be universally tokenized.

The North American Supply Chain is the Latest Blockchain Use Case

From North America comes an interesting development in a rather established sector. That is, bottling company CONA, which is the 12th largest Coca-Cola bottler in North America, has partnered with blockchain company Unibright to bring efficiency to its own supply chain. With Unibright’s own partnership with Provide, a low-code application platform, they will give CONA the ability to automate their complex supply chain processes, allowing them to more easily do business with the bottling network. They will achieve this by using the Baseline Protocol blockchain toolset to “increase the transparency and efficiency in bottlers’ intricate supply chain”. What this toolset itself does is provide “secure and private business mechanisms at low cost via the Ethereum Mainnet”.

What’s more, because this automated system will be used on the Ethereum mainnet and is transparent, the case for DeFi and tokenization will be furthered, accelerating their visibility in larger sectors that could be considered late adopters when it comes to improving operations. With the sort of large, complex systems that bottlers operate in, their main pain point is the imperfect coordination between entities when conducting purchase orders, invoicing, deliveries, etc.. Not to mention that this complexity and costliness causes “prevention from integrating small participants with the ecosystem”. These coordination problems are solved by the fact that the digital ledgers will have party agreements already programmed. According to Unibright, invoices will also be tokenized through “an accessible technology stack and ERP integration”.

Singapore is One Step Closer to a Mass Adoption of Digital Asset Trading

Digital securities exchange platform ECXX has been approved to launch its exchange platform,, in sandbox mode, and will soon “be the first exchange in Singapore to offer both digital payment tokens and digital securities under two different platforms.” Having already integrated with Singapore’s centralized government identity platform, MyInfo, in order to provide KYC checks, ECXX appears to be primed to provide a seamless experience on its exchange platform. What ECXX hopes with this government integration and mass rollout is mass adoption of digitized asset trading.

The Upshot:

  • The gaming industry just saw its latest use case for just how ubiquitous asset tokenization can be within that sector.

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