Official Announcement: Our Partnership with Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs Pte Ltd (“Morpheus Labs”) and RedBlock Inc (“RedBlock”) are pleased to announce an extensive collaboration to drive the development and adoption of digital securities and asset tokenization as alternative routes to traditional capital raising and asset management.

This collaboration will integrate Morpheus Labs’ clients and projects with RedBlock’s end-to-end, blockchain-powered digital asset management platform and provide access to RedBlock’s global ecosystem of capital market participants including broker-dealers, secondary exchanges, investment funds and custodians.

Morpheus Labs, a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solutions provider for rapid prototyping and easy deployment, will work with RedBlock to develop DeFi interoperability and additional tokenization features and provide RedBlock’s clients with a one-stop blockchain technology platform suitable for various industry verticals. Morpheus Labs’ efficient blockchain development platform provides a streamlined pathway for companies and projects to onboard into RedBlock’s asset management platform and capital markets ecosystem. In addition, APIs and DeFi solution building blocks are provided on Morpheus Labs SEED for Morpheus Labs’ clients to build customized digital asset management solutions by integrating with RedBlock’s platform. Once integrated, these clients will have access to RedBlock’s network of global capital market participants, and will receive comprehensive, end-to-end advisory from identifying market positioning and asset digitization, to handling compliance, to fundraising. This can be particularly valuable to small and medium enterprises (SME) in underdeveloped regions to provide them with alternative access to growth capital at lower cost than otherwise possible.

Chuang Pei-han, CEO of Morpheus Labs, said, “We are delighted and we welcome Redblock onboard. Within the Morpheus Partner Central, we are now able to provide our clients a wholesome solution to raise and manage funds by leveraging Redblock’s expert advisory and their investor network, while developing blockchain projects on Morpheus Labs SEED.”

“We are impressed by Morpheus Labs’ technical expertise and their extensive client base who can now leverage RedBlock’s digital securities platform and capital markets expertise. It remains our core strategy to work with partners who share our mission to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in the capital markets.” said Jemma Xu, Co-Founder and General Partner of RedBlock.

By bringing together global capital markets expertise with an established blockchain technology development platform, RedBlock and Morpheus Labs are leading participants in this nascent, trillion-dollar digital securities space.

About Morpheus Labs

Headquartered in Singapore, the team at Morpheus Labs comes from diverse backgrounds banded together, has created Morpheus Labs SEED (Solution Environment for Enterprise Development), a go-to platform offering mission-critical tools, infrastructure, various blockchain protocols, and blockchain use case references for enterprises and developers to build, experiment and manage their own applications effortlessly at minimal cost and time.

Morpheus Labs has demonstrated the key capabilities to accelerate DeFi solution development in a proof-of-concept with a rapid set up of selected blockchain and dAPP development environment, in a use case of a Mortgage Underwriting process here.

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About RedBlock Inc.

RedBlock Inc is a digital investment and fintech firm leveraging blockchain technology for asset digitization and management, from issuance to secondary liquidity. Its global network of capital market participants, including issuers, broker-dealers, secondary exchanges, funds, liquidity providers and custodians, are supported by its end-to-end blockchain-powered asset management platform. RedBlock also manages an investment fund to support companies in its ecosystem that align with its investment thesis. With a growing track record and pipeline, the RedBlock team hails from top tier global investment banks, venture capital firms and blockchain technology companies.

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