Owning a Piece of the St. Regis Aspen, Banking the Unbanked, and Pushing for More Digital Asset Platforms

Newsletter #8- Week Ending August 30th

This week, we have further developments on a before-covered topic, the tokenization of the St. Regis Aspen, as well as newly-announced services from our partners at Vertalo and SEBA. And, of course, we have another proprietary research report available on our site, this time about Network Value to Transaction (NVT) and NVT Golden Cross, here!

Vertalo Is Sending Out An Invite To New Digital Asset Sector Entrants

Targeting digital asset consultancies and capital markets firms, our partner and SaaS company Vertalo has just launched a free distribution network with the mission of helping new digital asset sector entrants by alleviating the cost of developing their digital asset platforms. This free platform provides “digital asset, tokenization, and cap table management” to qualified companies. An important move by Vertalo, this will allow cash-strapped companies accelerate their development, leading to a bigger, better digital asset ecosystem. More than just a robust, free platform for business development, Vertalo has said this will also serve as a “learning experience and client demo platform”. This, according to Dave Hendricks, CEO and co-founder of Vertalo, is in the pursuit of pushing the “digital asset transformation revolution”.

The St. Regis Aspen is Now Open to the Secondary Market

In our first newsletter of this month, we covered the news that the famous property that is St. Regis Aspen was opening 19% of its property to tokenized ownership on the private market. Well, we have more exciting news about the property, as the St. Regis Aspen has now opened the same 19% to secondary market trading. This will happen through Tzero’s ATS platform. It’s befitting of a leading FinTech company that this security would also be “the first digital security trading on a regulated platform that utilizes the Tezos Blockchain.” Not only that, but this security is just the first digital security in its asset management firm, Elevated Returns LLC.’s, portfolio. To put the St. Regis security in a bit of perspective, Elevated Returns “intends to tokenize roughly $1 billion of real estate projects using the Tezos FA1.2 smart contracts in the future.” So if you thought that this development was substantial, it appears Elevated Returns has even bigger plans when it comes to asset tokenization.

SEBA to Offer Crypto Services to Migrant Workers

Our partners at SEBA have formed a partnership with Singapore-based FinTech company Lightnet Pte. in a mission to bank the unbanked. That is, through the partnership, SEBA is set to relieve people who, due to the high-costs of traditional banking services, can’t benefit from them. The main pain points here are “high transaction fees, fragmentation and unreliable payment routes.” This initiative will take place in Southeast Asia, utilizing SEBA’s asset tokenization arm, and has the potential to offer bank-equivalent services to millions. This offers up another use case for asset tokenization, this time advancing the democratization of banking services.

The Upshot:

  • Vertalo is actively helping digital asset management companies by availing use of their free distribution network, with tools to develop digital asset platforms.
  • The St. Regis Aspen has opened 19% of its property to the secondary market on tZero’s ATS platform; this is part of a bigger move by its asset management firm, Elevated Holdings, LLC to tokenize ~$1 billion in real estate projects.
  • Our partners at SEBA have announced that they will offer crypto services to millions of migrant workers in Southeast Asia.

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