RedBlock Commences Closed Beta Testing for RedLedgers

RedBlock Inc, a digital investments and fintech firm, recently announced the closed beta launch of their proprietary blockchain-powered digital asset management platform, RedLedgers.

Platform Introduction and Functions

This one-stop, end-to-end platform for the management of digital assets, offers a comprehensive and fully realized suite of services, from individual and entity KYC/AML verification, global regulatory compliance, issuance of digital assets, payment gateway, OTC transfers, investor whitelist management and full stack financial services. RedLedgers is one of the first Asia focused blockchain digital asset management platforms, with a strong pipeline of projects and companies to be announced in the coming weeks.

Solutions to Market Pain Points

The platform aims to address the pain points in today’s global capital markets, including limited asset classes, limited financing options for small and medium enterprises, illiquidity in the primary market, and an inefficient secondary market.

Empowering Digital Assets

RedLedgers uses blockchain technology to empower participants in the digital asset ecosystem, including assets owners and global investors.

1. Empowering Digital Assets Owners

Our platform provides compliant, efficient, convenient, and low-cost issuance and management of digital assets backed by assets with fundamental value, as well as a connection to our global liquidity and capital market participant network. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can protect the security and transparency of assets on our platform.

2. Empowering Global Investors

Investors gain entry to a diversified and high-quality digital asset market via compliant and borderless global liquidity transactions. Our platform’s suite of management tools based on blockchain technology improves transaction transparency and efficiency.

Given the nascent nature of cross chain interoperability in regulated digital assets, RedBlock seeks to continue to work with other digital management platforms built on different blockchains to ensure clients have full access to the technology they need.

RedLedgers is supported by RedBlock’s growing ecosystem of capital markets partners, from broker dealers to investment advisors, and is integrated with licensed secondary exchanges.

Invitation to the Closed Beta

In addition to the launch of the closed beta, RedBlock is announcing an invitation to those who want to participate in the beta and be a part of the RedLedgers journey to bring about a new era of efficiency and democratization to the global capital markets.

If you are interested to participate in our beta, please fill in this form . Spaces are limited.

About RedBlock

In parallel to developing RedLedgers, RedBlock has built an ecosystem of global capital markets partners including broker dealers, licensed secondary exchanges, lawyers and infrastructure providers. This provides a comprehensive capital markets support to the projects that conduct issuance on RedLedgers. Over the past year, RedBlock has built a global transactions track record, having worked with companies in real estate, consumer products, natural resources and financial services across North America, China, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

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Managing and Empowering Digital Assets

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