RedBlock receives strategic investment from Nasdaq listed company The9

1 min readJul 13, 2021

Blockchain Fintech company RedBlock announced that they have accepted the strategic investment from The9, a company listed on Nasdaq. In addition to obtaining funding from The9, RedBlock will also leverage on the resources from The9 to carry out strategic cooperation with The9’s subsidiaries in the fields of overseas business and asset digitization.

RedBlock is a USD Fund 42DAO incubated project, which has finished the Angel round fund-raising by the end of last year.

About The9

The9 Ltd. was listed on the Nasdaq in 2004 (stock code: NCTY) and is actively developing into a high-tech diversified Internet company. At the current stage, The9 focused on blockchain-related businesses.

About RedBlock

RedBlock is originated in Silicon Valley and committed to becoming a leader in asset digitization. It aims to improve the digital efficiency of the global market while lowering industry entry barriers. Based on a deep understanding of the industry, RedBlock starts from market trends and industrial development and provides the most trustworthy digital solutions for enterprise management, liquidity management, information management, and digital asset management.