RedLedgers has officially launched its Version 2.0

1 min readAug 3, 2021

In 2020, amidst the ever-growing popularity of digital assets and blockchain technology, the team at RedBlock Group decided to launch a one-stop asset digitization and management platform called RedLedgers. Since then, the platform has garnered widespread acknowledgement from participants across the digital asset ecosystem. The team has been optimizing the platform, bringing about its Version 2.0.

Taking into account the importance of a strong user experience, this update focuses on optimizing the platform’s multi-language function and improves the UI of different user roles. In addition, the new version also deploys a brand-new KYC authentication function, strengthening the operational security of the parties on either side of a transaction.

RedLedgers is committed to becoming a pioneer in the field of asset digitization, focusing on building a more complete, more transparent, and more agile digital asset management platform. It strives to empower globally compliant asset classes and provide the most reliable industry solutions for its users.