Switzerland’s new security token law; Visa’s foray into the digital asset space; NFTs are on the rise; RedBlock x MERJ!

For the week ending February 7th

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This newsletter is coming at you with talk of Switzerland’s new security token law, updates from VISA as they begin their foray into the digital asset space, and NFT investing news!

The team here at RedBlock saw our own milestone this week, as we announced a global collaborative effort with our friends at MERJ Exchange! Read that press release for more details, here: https://link.medium.com/zYAmEFHSBdb

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1. Switzerland’s tokenized securities law comes into effect

This week marked Switzerland’s new tokenized securities law coming into effect, which gives tokenized securities the same legal treatment as their traditional counterparts. What this does is give legal certainty to any one tokenized security’s ownership rights, giving investors and thus the whole ecosystem more stability.

Sygnum and SEBA, leading regulated crypto banks in Switzerland, issued tokenized securities under the effect of the new legislation. For SEBA’s part, it “is issuing its Series B equity shares as Ethereum ERC-20 tokens.” (Coindesk)

1. Our partnership with MERJ!

We’re kicking off this week’s industry updates with a milestone development from the team here at RedBlock: Our strategic collaboration with digital and traditional asset exchange, MERJ Exchange!

This relationship will help us and MERJ achieve our shared mission of providing a full suite of fundraising services to our customer bases. The four key areas of focus are capital markets advisory, fundraising, digital asset technology, and the overall promotion of both businesses and the digital asset space as a whole. (MERJ via Medium.com)

2. Visa works with First Boulevard to test new crypto APIs

In its latest step to embrace digital assets ,Visa has chosen “digitally native neobank” First Boulevard with which to test out Visa’s new crypto APIs.

First Boulevard, a neobank with the mission of “building generational wealth for the Black community”, will be able to offer their customers the ability to “purchase, custody and trade digital assets held by Anchorage, a federally chartered digital asset bank.”

This effort is a part of Visa’s mission to increase its role as a digital asset service provider for other financial institutions. (The Tokenizer)

1. The rising interest in NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) may just be on the rise to become the next value proposition of the blockchain space to command major attention from investors. A report from Investing.com (source article) details the increase in money present in the NFT space.

Of particular interest to the fintech community is the NFT art marketplace, which has “a record of over $8 million worth of tokenized artworks sold in December 2020”. Besides art, gaming is a prime industry on which NFTs can gain traction. This is due to the fact that games are now replete with their own internal economies and game assets.

The opportunities with NFTs are only going to grow, as evidenced by their already numerous applications, as detailed in the source article. (Investing.com)

2. Enjin partners with LABS Group to allow users to manage and issue real estate NFTs

The latest news in fractionalized real estate comes from NFT platform, Enjin, and their partnership with LABS Group, which hosts a digital property investment platform. As is often the case with blockchain technology, tokenization, and the digital asset sector at large, this development is the latest step in the effort to lower the barrier to entry for investors, availing such opportunities as real estate to retail investors, not just institutional and high-net-worth investors and entities.

With Enjin’s minting and management ecosystem, “investors will be able to store and manage their real estate assets in Enjin’s blockchain wallet, as well as verify NFT ownership, uniqueness, origin, and authenticity via Enjin’s blockchain explorer.” (CryptoNinjas)

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