Newsletter #17- Week of November 1st

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Hi everyone! This week’s digital asset news brings hefty regulatory clarity, a startup that aims to provide stability in the DeFi space, and quite the bright outlook on investor sentiment towards digital assets. Join us as we delve into the latest stories of digital asset regulation, adoption, and ecosystem growth!

For our part, this week we have released our research report on tZero (TZRO). …

RedBlock Newsletter #16- Week Ending October 25th

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Greetings all! We have news of digital asset regulations across the EU and Switzerland, a promising partnership from Huobi and Banxa, and more!

This week also brings a new syndication of Security Token Advisors’ content: Custody Options For Security Tokens., which you can read on our site, here!

And, of course, applications to be a RedLedgers beta tester are still open!

They are closing soon, so please fill in our application form if you are interested- Closed Beta Form

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This week brings news of the launch of a new digital assets trading platform from CEX.IO, which will be available to residents of the European Union. The reason why this is included in our regulatory news section is because CEX.IO has launched this platform under regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, or CySEC. The point of this story is that regulation almost goes hand in hand with wide set adoption. Basically, the more a tool/platform is regulated, the more trust it is bound to garner. This sets up CEX.IO pretty well for adoption across the EU because of its regulated platform. (Daily…

RedBlock Newsletter #15- Week Ending October 18th

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Greetings all! This week brings news of regulatory developments, interesting and exciting DeFi applications, and more!

We also have a new Security Token Group report syndication, hot off the presses! This time from Security Token Advisors: Security Tokens Explained in 4 Layers; A Guide for Investors and Issuers; a very handy guide to what makes up security tokens, and what to consider when going about investing in or issuing them. You can check that article out on our site here.

The next issuance platform report in our issuance platform research series, this time covering Bitbond (BB1), is ready and live as well. …


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