We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with breakout middleware solution for Web3.0, Pocket Network! Pocket Network’s mission of providing true decentralization aligns with our mission to facilitate the growth of Web3.0 and DeFi applications. As POKT token holders and node runners, we look forward to working with Pocket and its existing supporters including likes of Blockchain.com, Eden Block, DACM, Zee Prime Capital, Park Capital and Monday Capital.

This partnership not only sees us acting as active participants in the network by holding POKT tokens and running nodes, it also sees us Pocket’s key partner in China, leading its…

Our CEO, Jeremy Zhou, will be speaking at the Yangtze River Culture & Arts Week Event on May 2nd!

This Arts Week’s theme is “Art and the Sustainable Future”, featuring entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, artists, musicians, and industry professionals from all over the world who will engage in conversation around the subject.

Jeremy Zhou will be giving a keynote speech and will take part in the segment called “Art and the Future”, discussing the question of how art can create a future with common goals for all of us, and how we can work together to create an ecosystem to help…

Jemma Xu, our CSO, was invited to speak at a panel with the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), this Tuesday, as a part of Australian Blockchain Week, on behalf of RedBlock.

The panel, entitled “Investing in [Blockchain] Innovation”, comprised speakers from the ASIC, Piper Alderman, the Dept. of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, Lygon 1B, and Monochrome Asset Management, and took a deep dive into discussion about regulatory developments in Australia and in other major jurisdictions as well as Chinese blockchain innovation (e.g. Blockchain Service Networks (BSN)).

Australia Blockchain Week, one of the biggest blockchain events in Australia, features…

We are very pleased to announce that RedBlock and NFT Bazaar have officially entered into a strategic partnership, leveraging our combined strengths to promote the development of the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space. The partnership will mainly focus on IP (Intellectual Property) within the NFT sector as well NFT Bazaar’s platform operations, project listing and data services. We also aim to integrate our resources throughout the blockchain stack to provide services such as NFT pricing, issuance, and auctions.

The Era of the NFT has arrived

Since the advent of the digital era and ever-increasing integration of the worlds of encrypted and traditional assets, we have seen many exciting…

The emergence of DCEP, the digital currency of the Central Bank of China, gives China the distinction of becoming the first country in the world to issue its own legal digital currency. China’s DCEP has been thoroughly tested, going through pilot projects in multiple big cities in China. China’s DCEP is essentially a digital and encrypted version of RMB (Yuan) banknotes and coins, with the same legal compensation as the RMB fiat currency, equipped with dual operation and a two-tier structure. In addition, it offers anonymity and controllability, & offline payment and loose coupling.

Healthcare industry innovation and digitization in the post-pandemic era

Challenges posed by the pandemic

Because of the systemic strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, industries around the world are facing unprecedented challenges. On the supply side, the short-term interruptions in manufacturing and supply chains have resulted in direct losses and restart costs to businesses. On the demand side, the pandemic has changed consumers’ wants and needs. With old systems being tested and stressed, and consumers’ demands shifting, the old ways of doing things may very well be on their way out. …

Week of March 28th, 2021

Hi everyone, and welcome to the latest installment in our weekly industry newsletter!

This week, we’re covering the US SEC’s latest comments on fractionalized NFTs, Polymath’s Incentivized Testnet, and Azimut’s AZIM token, among other highlights!

Join us for the latest…

For the week ending March 21st, 2021

Hi everyone! This week was replete with investment news, including our own, which saw RedBlock Capital, our digital fund, invest into dark pool project Black Ocean: Full Press Release

We also have regulatory developments coming out of Ireland and the very welcome news of Crowdfund Insider teaming up with Draper Goren Holm to provide digital asset/security token industry education!

Read on for this week’s highlights!

We are pleased to announce that RedBlock Capital has recently completed an investment in Black Ocean. Incubated by VRM, a high-frequency quantitative trading company, Black Ocean is a dark pool project, providing institutional users access to more liquidity.

Off-market liquidity has always been a pain point in the crypto market. Funds and institutional traders have regularly experienced constraints in efficiently dealing with flows of large sizes. The Black Ocean team brings decades of experience from traditional finance to this and we look forward to working with them on building on this essential piece of infrastructure.

About Black Ocean

Black Ocean…

Week of March 14th, 2021

Welcome to the latest installment of RedBlock’s industry newsletter!

This week, we cover Stobox’s recent STO announcement, PayPal’s acquisition of custody firm Curv, and Taurus Group’s integration of Aave protocol, among other developments that helped define this week’s news!

Read on for the highlights of the week…


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